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We're a creative bunch and we love what we do!

Our studio is located in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside and has been converted from a handful of lowly farm buildings to a beautiful office, meeting area and design studio. Our clients love to visit us and we cannot

help but be inspired everyday by our surroundings.


Chris Maynard

Managing Director

I started my design & marketing career back in the 80s, before the invention of the Apple MAC ! Having been part of huge and fast paced changes over the years in all aspects of graphic design, print & marketing support.


I set up the MBM design agency

up in Sept 2000.


I love the exciting industry we work in and the vast array of projects and opportunities that lie ahead.


In my spare time I can be found walking the dog, developing garden & building projects and supping a nice pint of ale.


Neil Fletcher

Creative Director

With over 25 years of industry knowledge, a vast range of creative graphic skills and a great passion for design, I love what I do and hope it shows through in every project

we undertake.

In my spare time I love playing golf, nights out with friends and recently a new found love for Scuba diving!


Rebekah Davison

Graphic Designer

I have 6 years experience in graphic design and especially love illustration. I started out by designing logos and brands in my spare time for fun 10 years ago which then developed into a graphic design job a few years later after working in marketing and brand strategy. 


I love problem solving so my spare time is mostly filled with games. I also take dance classes every week and am currently learning ceroc. 


Rebecca Clifford 

Graphic Designer

I'm a designer with over 9 years’ experience under my belt, having started in print and art working many moons ago. After attending Leeds Metropolitan University I spent 6 years in London, working for market research giant Kantar where I specialised in infographics and data visualisation. I have a passion for all things art and design and enjoy keeping up with new trends and techniques.


Outside of the design studio, you'll find me exploring new places (and pubs) with my dog Brian. Travelling, enjoying music gigs and festivals, and ‘nerding’ out in art galleries.



Office Runner

I have been working as a designer and artworker in this industry for over 15 years. I have a very keen eye for detail and love what I do.

I was born into the care of the Greyhound Trust in Kent with my siblings in January 2018.I was adopted at the age of 8 weeks by my Mum & Dad (Chris & Alison) and moved to Wiltshire where I currently reside with my extended family at MBM.  My DNA test says I am 75% Greyhound, 12.5% Whippet & 12.5% Saluki. I love to run, sleep, eat, lick & chew, though not neccesarily always in the same order.


Always in our hearts

and always part of the team.


Dawn Hall

Our dear colleague and friend

In Loving Memory

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